Boho gypsy woman and man in hat kissing in windy field

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As the new series of My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings kicked off last night, viewers might have been captivated by the elaborate dresses worn by teenage brides. But one of the most shocking elements of the first episode of the Channel 4 documentary was the courting rituals between the younger members of the community. In contrast to their scantily-clad outfits, young gypsy women have very strong morals and aren't allowed to go on dates with men until they're married. Grabbing: Teenage wedding guest Cheyenne, 15, tries to escape the attentions of a gypsy boy who is trying to kiss her outside the hotel reception in last night's episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard may be happily affianced, but her former love has but to move on. Four years afterwards the murder of Gypsy's mother Dee Dee Blanchard gripped the nation's awareness, revealing a twisted tale of Munchausen by proxy and matricide almost also shocking to believethe killer is decisive his side of the story—and he's making it a love story. All the same he's set to spend the balance of his life behind bars after that Gypsy has spoken out against him and has since moved on after that is engaged to her new boyfriendNick still called his former girlfriend his soul mate in a sneak glance at the Oxygen special, airing tonight. Prior to Nick, the now year-old Gypsy's experience with boys was adjacent non-existent, given her mother's strict rules and careful watch over her animation, enduring years of medical child batter and being confined to a wheelchair. Inshe attempted to run away en route for be with an older man she met at a sci-fi convention. Dee Dee eventually caught up with her, and according to Gypsy in the HBO documentary, told her, If you ever try to do that all over again, I'm going to smash your fingers with a hammer. Nick and Gypsy's unusual love story began in a pretty usual way: online via a Christian dating app on October 9, Obsessed with Disney fairy tale princesses—especially Rapunzel, who is kept in this tower for all of her animation