19 Women Who Instagram All the Epic Outdoorsy Things They Do

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The Women's Adventure Club is a Pittsburgh-based community of women who want year-round outdoor experiences. We offer frequent opportunities to get outside such as local hiking, biking, forest therapy, Qigong, SUP, and Yoga hikes. Our adventurers range in age from college students to women in their 60s and 70s. We are accepting, supportive, and fun! Envision the thrill of trying something new in a supportive environment. Imagine the joy of adding more awe and wonder to your days. Think about the vitality and strength you'll feel after adventuring outdoors with a great group of women. Shift the way you feel about a Pittsburgh winter!

Depending on where you live and can you repeat that? you do for a living, you may not get the chance en route for experience the outdoors every day. As of sand to snow and everything all the rage between, our favorite women in the outdoors might spark you to abide up a new activity or austerely make more time to get beyond. The possibilities are endless—let these women and their incredible adventures inspire you to go out and seek a few of your own. View on Instagram. She eats one before every battle and has enviable Pop-Tart leggings after that socks. Her photos will make you want to take up trail administration if not get a little cloudy. Follow Brianna Madia for a glance into vanlife. The self-proclaimed desert-dweller travels in a van named Bertha along with her husband and dogs, climbing, climbing, biking, and kayaking.

It makes sense. Thankfully, there are a load of women out there who are working tirelessly to change that brand. And while it is far as of all-encompassing, we've put together this catalogue to spotlight 10 of those women, all of whom are creating communities and leading the organizations and initiatives we need to make the al fresco a place that welcomes every brand of adventurer. We hope it encourages you to get out there, too—whatever your version of out there capacity be. I didn't know people did that for fun until I got out of the military and absorbed myself in this community.