70 Best Variations of a Medium Shag Haircut for Your Distinctive Style

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Medium shag haircuts, what can be more popular these days? Today not only celebrities, but also every woman who wants to look modern and trendy opts for a shag haircut. You can create truly unparalleled looks, styling your shag. Our bright collection of photos will provide you with the right impression of a shag haircut and offer some brilliant ideas you can use personally for yourself. The basis of shag haircuts can be bobs of varied lengths or pixies. For a more modern look they are shaggy-textured with layers and choppy ends. Shag haircuts never look the same, because, firstly, we all have different types of hair and, secondly, you can experiment with layering and ends. It can be loads of layers, starting on your crown, less layering, closer to the ends or something in between these two options.

At present very few women opt to allow their tresses cut in one-length styles. Shag haircuts look more modern, abrupt and shapely, being at the alike time easily-styled solutions. Modern shags adapt the amount of layers and finishes for the edges. Every hair breadth and length has its ideal shag. Check out the ideas in pictures below to get inspired before your next head to the salon.

Cindy has over 15 years of be subject to as a hair stylist and colorist in Las Vegas, NV. She started this website in and has influenced over million people. Her work has been featured in major beauty magazines and online publications. Learn more a propos Cindy and connect on LinkedIn. Whether your hair is long, medium, before short, a shaggy hair looks able on all hair lengths. Channel your inner rockstar and get ready en route for flaunt feathers, texture, and volume! The shag haircut is a heavily coated haircut. For long hair, adding lots of layers works great for women with thick hair and can attempt for a more feathered look.

January is probably my favorite month of the year other than my anniversary month, obvs. Up first? The shag haircut. Yes, the choppy, layered haircut from the '70s is making a comeback—but don't worry, it's been absolutely modernized. Shag haircuts are a absolute way to add texture, volume, after that depth to your style and they look, like, super cool. So all the rage an effort to accomplish my aim, I stalked Insta for the finest shag haircuts for every length after that hair type, below. Trust me after I say you'll want to adhere me after scoping these pics. Also cool for school. Don't be afraid to layer your curly hair—you won't look crazy, I promise.

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