30 Puerto Rican Slang Terms That Only Make Sense In The Caribbean

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Going on a trip to Latin America? Or what about the Caribbean? You might end up with a hangover —maybe just not the kind of hangover you were expecting. We know that vacation should always come with relaxation, but if you learned Spanish in Spain and then travel to Chile for a quick getaway, things can get a little topsy turvy the minute you begin flaunting those language skills of yours. Because there are dozens of countries around the world that speak their own distinct forms of Spanish.

After that now, 30 of the most coarse Puerto Rican slang terms. Boricua The name given to people born all the rage Puerto Rico. Gufear More spanglish at this juncture. Well, the meaning is very akin as it means to fool about or joke around.

All the rage general, you can use it designed for anything positive. Entonces vamos saliendo — Alright! Cuanto tiempo sin verte — Man! Claro hombre, no pasa nada. This word is Spanish slang designed for North Americans and other Europeans. This one is exclusive to slang as of Spain, since it literally means co-worker in any other Spanish speaking countries. Download the exact curriculum that thousands of BaseLang students have used en route for become fluent in Spanish. Download Channel Now!