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Top 5 Skills Employers Look For Learn what skills employers look for before you commit to a college degree. By Marissa Campbell The ultimate goal of going to college is not just to get the degree, but to land a career as well. Obviously, employers want to make sure you are qualified for the job by having the appropriate degree, but they also need to know if you have the skill set too. The top 5 skills employers look for include: Critical thinking and problem solving Teamwork and collaboration Professionalism and strong work ethic Oral and written communications skills Leadership Why is Critical Thinking Important? Critical thinking is necessary for almost every job. Employees need to be able to analyze evidence, question assumptions, test hypotheses, observe and draw conclusions from any form of data. Critical thinking is not just a skill, but a habit formed to help with problem-solving. Although critical thinking can be taught in the classroom, it needs to be applied during studies and real-world experiences so you can make a habit of using critical thinking in your daily life.

A lot of of those skills will come as of your academic experience, and others you can develop through experiences such at the same time as internships, study abroad and research projects—called transferable or soft skills. Transferable skills are skills that will be industrial and applicable in every profession. They are the foundation of professional accomplishment, and they happen to be the most desirable skills employers are incisive for in potential candidates. Whether you are completing an internship or effective a part-time job this summer, abuse that time to develop these basic skills: Communication Communication includes listening, character and speaking. Employers want to accompany you can articulate your thoughts after that ideas clearly and effectively. Problem solving Challenges will arise in every activity you have. Teamwork Many jobs call for you to work effectively and civilly with others, whether that be your coworkers or clients. Employers desire a big cheese who brings out the best all the rage others.

At this juncture are the 15 most important assignable skills. Some of these skills are job-specific, like understanding how to abuse certain platforms or tools, but others are transferable, such as strong control or critical thinking skills. The bubonic plague has changed the work world all the rage many ways, some temporary, and a few likely permanent. Though every worker has transferable skills, employers seek out a few transferable skills more than others. Although a deep dive into your experiences may reveal that you have a good deal more of the sought after assignable skills than you thought.