Try Everything

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There is always more to life in this life. We can always get back up again. And actually, ones who have hit the rock bottom are the ones who climb higher than others. Without the pain, we would only take joy for granted. Without defeat, we would only be arrogant by victory. The value of success lies in our gratitude. Yes, we may do not success at once. Yes, we may fail big times. Yet what defines ourselves is in the way we step up from the failure, learn from what we did wrong, and give another shot until we success.

The do it all. We have a lot in common. We want en route for do just about everything possible. It almost seems like there aren't a sufficient amount hours in the day. Our calendars and planners are packed full along with meetings, rehearsals, events, practices, homework, deadlines, projects, it goes on. When is there time to sleep or eat? It feels like there isn't. Why are we like this? Why accomplish we have the desire to accomplish just about everything?