‘This is a full-circle moment’: inside Kanye West’s Donda listening party

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There might be times when your child wants to host a party at home. Hosting a party can feel daunting — you might be worried about loud music, gatecrashing, property damage or alcohol use. But with the right planning, hosting a party can be a fun thing to do with your child. Your child will get to practise her planning skills, develop responsibility and learn about decision-making. Parties are a common and important part of teenage social life. You have a legal duty of care to ensure that everyone at the party is safe. This means they can respond quickly if you need to call them. The first step in planning a teenage party is talking with your child about what sort of party she wants.

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M y mum was a teenager after she fell pregnant with me. Denial one spoke about Mum — I never saw any baby pictures before birth certificate. Instinctively, I knew I was as much her as I was my father. But that discoloured over time. I got used en route for my setup: mums were for erstwhile kids. Eventually, I was shown letters from Mum, revealing that she was a drug addict.

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Your child might have mixed feelings also — excitement, nerves, anxiety. If you and your child talk about your feelings and work out a arrange together, parties can be something you both feel happy and comfortable along with. Your child might want to congregation a party at your home. Arrangement a party with your child be able to be fun, and setting ground rules together will help things run easily and keep partygoers safe. Knowing the parents might also help you air confident that your child will be well looked after. Your safety concerns will probably change as your adolescent and her friends get older. After that you might also find that at the same time as your child gets older, she comes up with plans for dealing along with safety concerns herself. When parents assessment on teenage parties — for case, by calling the host to achieve out whether alcohol is being served — teenagers are less likely en route for drink.