Tattoo Apprenticeships: How to Get One and Why You Need It

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Include things that people might get tattooed including your own creative ideas but also any drawings you've done that showcase your talent but might not translate well into a tattoo. Include color work—watercolor and ink are widely thought to be most similar to tattooing. DO NOT copy other artists' work. If that's your idea of tattooing, then you had better find a different career. If you scroll down to the bottom of this article, you'll find a list of ten tips to help you put together a great portfolio. Many shops take artists based on their personal style. If they specialize in a style you're good at, that could work—but if you have a style or talent they don't have covered, that could work, too. But don't worry too much about this. Mostly, look for reputable, professional shops that get plenty of business.

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