Massage Therapy

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Therapists on staff are licensed within their field of expertise. Several different types of massages are available, ranging from Sports Massage to Swedish Massage. Available Massages Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue bodywork is applied with the intention of accessing the deeper layers of the body. Pressure is applied with the purpose of finding the resistance of the body and sustaining the pressure until the resistance is released. Deep tissue massage helps with chronic pain and injury rehabilitation. Orthopedic Massage Orthopedic massage involves therapeutic assessment, manipulation, and movement of soft tissue to reduce pain and dysfunction. The focus is on restoring structural balance throughout the body to promote both prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Sports Massage Sports massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

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Knead therapy offers a host of activist benefits for your mental and animal well-being. In addition to carving age out to pamper yourself, massage promotes stress relief, better posture, improved distribution, lower blood pressure, headache relief, improved flexibility, and enhanced range of action. If you are not sure which kind is best for you, accede to our practitioners help you determine which type of massage would be the most beneficial based on your individualized needs and preferences. Massage Style Options Acupressure Light to firm pressure is applied to points found on the meridians to help regulate the arise of qi energy throughout the amount.

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