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Continuing the Reading for Pleasure seriesVerissimo Toste, an Oxford teacher trainer, looks at ways of involving students in the reading process. Students have the books and many have begun reading them. In an ideal world, my students would now go on to read a variety of stories, sharing their experience with their friends, while effortlessly improving their English. Like I said, in an ideal world.

Conclusion that students resitting English GCSE faced barriers to their learning, Cassandra Webb set about trying to create a culture of reading for pleasure by her college. As well as having dedicated reading time, learners are surrounded by words — with lyrics after that inspirational quotes displayed around campus. He had always struggled in English lessons. The main barrier was his reading: he did not read books all the rage or outside of school and his lack of enthusiasm for reading meant that in lessons — and all the rage the exam itself — he struggled to fully access the reading background. But he was not alone: we have many students like Sam. After they arrive at our college all the rage September, they lack self-confidence, motivation after that a positive attitude towards GCSE English. So how do we turn about students like this? I knew the key was a positive reading background — I just needed to absorb how best to create it. My hypothesis was that by encouraging a love of reading and facilitating analysis for pleasure, students like Sam would gain confidence in reading, find the exam texts more accessible and, at last, go on to pass the assessment.

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T he big challenge for teachers is not simply getting students to announce — it's getting them to benefit from it too. It's one thing designed for students to trudge through set texts in a lesson, but will they open another book when they acquire home at the end of the day? The National Literacy Trust has noted that becoming a lifetime booklover is based on developing a absorbed love of reading. For younger readers in particular, their home environment is critically important. But if a apprentice doesn't see people reading at abode, it may be harder to encourage the idea of reading for amusement. So what can teachers do en route for encourage it? Here are some of the best ideas, initiatives and projects that teachers have developed to cause children and help them develop a love for reading:.

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