Are Tattoos Attractive on Females?

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But, what if someone told you the secret to attracting the female population is just as simple as hitting up your local tattoo parlor and getting hooked up with some fresh new ink? No more cheesy chat up lines required. Tattooing is by no means a new fad. In fact, historians have traced the origins of this fascinating art way back to around 12, years ago during the Neolithic ages, finding evidence on mummified preserved skin. However, despite their ancient origins, tattoos were considered taboo by many people in society, assumed to be donned by criminals and social deviants alike. Thankfully, times have moved on since then, and even now the social stigmas continue to be lifted. So what is the reason behind the sudden rise in the popularity of inked body art?

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Certainly, tattoos are attractive on females. A woman can enhance their looks along with tasteful tattoos that matches her behaviour. But as with anything, there desire to be a balance for aesthetics. Most guys love a tattoo so as to is done right. They like tattoos that are artistic and aesthetically agreeable and that has a special connotation or a memorable story attached en route for it. When a tattoo is done wrong, it makes a girl air worse, possibly significantly worse. There are guys on both ends of the spectrum. Some guys hate tattoos. At time this is due to religious reasons, they believe all tattooing is corrupt.